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  • So I think #mnleg passed a $2500 EV tax credit. Will that apply to any EVs purchased in 2023 tax year or just purch…… 22 May
  • RT @mn4pfl: Next amendment would cap leave at 12 weeks total with only two additional weeks for pregnancy. This would be a massive problem… 2 May
  • RT @mn4pfl: Minnesotans believe in caring for one another, especially when they're needed the most. It's time for #PaidLeaveMN #mnleg https… 2 May
  • Does anyone else try to listen to @taylorswift13 on Spotify and finds it keeps switching to @Harry_Styles? #spotifyproblems 2 May
  • @emotimau5 I think they are still going strong - look again? Or drive to less light pollution maybe. 24 Mar
  • RT @mmpadellan: TWEEPS! Here's a fun BINGO card to use while you watch the #BetterWithBidenSOTU! Can we get 1,000 quick RTs and replies of… 8 Feb
  • Congrats @Tidepool_org @ps2 huge news!… 27 Jan
  • Minnesota #vikings playing like dems in the race for the house? #skol 13 Nov
  • RT @baseballot: The AP has also called #NVSoS for Francisco Aguilar (D), defeating Jim Marchant (R), who falsely claimed elections have bee… 13 Nov
  • RT @rowefinkbeiner: I'm daring to hope. The House majority & GA Senate seat are within the reach of Democrats -- and that's in no small… 13 Nov